Nothing Wasted!

Nothing Wasted!

It is really good to get out of the apartment. The portable oxygen makes it nice. This will be a temporary thing, while they continue to check things to see how I do over the next month. Just have to use it when I am out and about. While settTheMayor2015_opting at the coffee shop, I can turn if off, only when I am active, on the road, shopping, etc and while sleeping at night.

For a little while I was frustrated that it was going to be one more thing, to slow me down. The machine at the apartment, I use all night. Been getting full nights of rest. It takes the air and extracts oxygen for me to breath.

I am thankful for each breath and for each day the Father gives me and for the opportunities that I have to be out and about in the marketplace, in the coffee shops, of hoping that I am able to exhort, encourage others, as they move forward in this walk of life. And I hope and pray family and friends, that I can always be a source of encouragement to you, even though the things that I go through at times.

I know that none of it is wasted and that hopefully again, you will receive encouragement, blessings as I walk one day at a time with The Father and the Son, I am blessed with awesome children, grand-children, with my brothers and sister and mother, with friends, thank you all for being there. You all are greatly loved and appreciated!

For all my writing friends continue to put pen to paper, hands to keyboard and to express what has been written on your hearts, for others need that very thing that is being birthed within, that will touch their hearts, and released them to move forward.

Writing from the Heart,

aka The Mayor

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Pondering Thoughts At The Rev

TheMayor@TheRevWell, it is afternoon now, has been good to be here, to see so many friends, The Rev has been packed on and off since it opened. Visited with some friends and as I look out among all my fellow coffee/tea/latte drinkers, I wonder what stories they have to tell! You hear a lot conversations, but you can’t always make them out. A lot of communication going on. Coffee Shops are a crossroad of people, young and old, interacting, living life and some times, if I am blessed, and I am many times, I get the privilege of listening to some of their stories and stand amazed.

For I am the one that comes away blessed, to have listen, to encourage, to be there when needed and I know that when I am in the market place, in the place the Father wants me, as a writer, an exhorter and encourager to others, to know that He has allowed me to travel the world with the pen and the keyboard, that the things He has had me to write, be posted in many other countries by Crossmap, in such languages as Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, etc!

I didn’t even know at the beginning that they were being posted to other sites, and to see the number of times they have been read has amazed me, I will never know who they touched this side of heaven, but I know the Father used it for His glory and that is all that matters, for it is about Him, about our Savior, and maybe someday I will meet those who read them.

Our Father will use the gifts that He has given us, if we let Him and we all have gifts of various kinds, too many to list. Just give what you have to Him and let Him use it, in the yielding, we let go and let the Holy Spirit guide us! And that should encourage us even more as we press in and press on in what He has sat before us this day!

What has He set before you?


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Damn Tired

Camera2-2015-03-13-03-20-23.jpgI am so damn tired of the pain! It never goes away and it seems like pain meds do not work like they should! I am ok spiritually, etc, it is the physical part and it has been like this since 2003 after all the chemo, radiation, surgeries, the pain never, ever goes away! So tired of all the meds I take. It seems all they do is dull the pain but the side effects of tiredness, drowsiness is old!

I have a lot of friends who go through the same thing because of various illnesses. Most people only see the outward, they do not see inward effects of their illnesses, the result of the treatments and medication and so the judge by what they see but they do not know the battle that goes on from deliberating pain that never, ever goes away!

Please be careful with what you say because of what you “see.” Don’t be so quick to judge, A lot of what you see! A lot it has to do with the treatments, meds that we take, the side effects of many of them. Each person is different and what they, what we need is encouragement, prayer, understanding, not judgment.

Pain is a real battle and if it wasn’t for my faith, my family and friends and the doctors and surgeons, the medical people at the Kerrville VAMC and at the Audie Murphy VAMC and University of Texas Medical Center and Cancer Treatment Center, In San Antonio, all through the VA I would not be here.

Each day is a gift, a challenge and the only I make it through the day is knowing that the Father is with me 24 hours a day, even in the midst of pain, I still have that thread and believe me, I am holding on tight to His hands!



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It Is Amazing

TheMayorIt is amazing how music sets the tone of the heart!

Listening to Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” and it takes my memories back to when my journey with cancer, chemo and radiation, the surgeries, the divorce, when all that took place and then reminding me where my focus should be. To not allow the enemy to take my mind back to those times but to see where he has brought me in the midst of it!

Easy to say, hard to do, but do we must. When we have done all we know to do, then we need to let go, yeild to the Father, yeild to the Holy Spirit and to walk in the new life that we have been given by Yeshua, who died and arose that we might live when we accept Him. How simple and real is that, not complicated, not at all, that you dont need to be a theologian!

That we now live in Him. The life I live, we live, is in Him, we have been redeemed and brought back into a relationship with our Father, the greatest gift ever given.

So I rest this day, knowing that the Father’s plans, what He has begun, how He has used these last twelve years when my journey began, will ultimately be fulfilled as a father, grandfather, brother, friend, a writer, will be accomplished, because He who began this work, has been with me every step of the way. He will finish and I will be part of the story that He is writing now and that gives me hope!

So a new day has begun, with hope within, knowing that it at times may be a flicker, yet hope it still is, because it is the Father who breathes life, that kindles the flame within, that it might shine forth and draw others to want to know, what it is that gives us Hope! That even in times like this, we are with hope, always!!


Aka The Mayor
Galations 2:20 

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When You and I Hurt

When You and I Hurt!

“WheWriting Lampn you and I hurt deeply, what we really need is not an explanation from God but a revelation of God. We need to see how great God is: we need to recover our lost perspective on life. Things get out of proportion when we are suffering, and it takes a vision of something bigger than ourselves to get lifes dimension adjusted again.” Page 51, “Why Us? When Bad Things Happen to God’s People” by Warren W. Wiersbe.

What a blessing this book has been to me. I have been so blessed by all that I have read so far. There is much that I can identify with over these last twelve years and I agree with Warren, what we need is a revelation of God and I can say that all through the times of the suffering that I went through, that the Lord showed himself in so many ways.

As I look back to when my journey with cancer began I can see how the Lord was with me.

Through the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As I would go through the treatments I would have opportunity to encourage, lift up and exhort others who were walking this path.

From the tech’s to the patients, there was not a time that I was not able to share something and to let them know how much I appreciated them and the talents that the Lord had given the technicians or to encourage my fellow patients and be encouraged by them.

During the stay at the hotel in San Antonio, for a little more than three months, the Lord would open the doors so that I could share with others.

Often when I would go to dinner, someone would always join me or the Lord would open a door of conversation and I would be able to encourage them if they were taken treatments or if they were family members I would encourage them and let them know that I would be praying for them and the family member that was receiving treatment.

The Lord will use us even during the times of suffering and pain if we allow Him too. He would have me take the focus off myself and to focus on others and in doing that, in blessing others, it blessed me also. I was able to share out of what has been real in my life and not just mere theory.

It would be in the simple things that the Lord would use me. Healing comes to us as we give out of what has been given us. To have the treasure of the Lord within us and not to share Him, we deny that treasure which is so precious. Let our life reflect the reality of that treasure, of Christ within.

There were days that were rougher than others but those are the days that we have to draw even closer to the Lord, knowing that the Lord will meet us. It is an act of Faith.

When you and I hurt, let us give out of what has been given us. Let us share that reality with others and in sharing we too will reap the healing, the peace, the rest, and the presence of the Lord.

Let us share about the greatness of our God. Let us have a vision of the awesomeness of our God and to realize that we can come into the presence of the creator of Heaven and Earth and He will bring things into perspective, so that we can see with His eyes!

Till later,


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Another Day, A Fresh Start and A New Beginning

TheMayorDigitalPainting 1Another day, a fresh start, a new beginning!

Isn’t that what we look for each day? To move forward, to learn from the past but not to look back and linger, for that is what saps our strength as we are being focused on those chains and it refocuses our mind on us, rather on Y’shua, who gave us new life!

It is that relationship, that intimacy with him that gives us heart, hope, to move forward and to do what he has called us to! Knowing even in the mist of the storm, he is there, even when we can’t see him with the natural eye!

Just a reminder this day whose you are! That in Y’Shua we have life and through him we are one with the Father, who embraces us, walks with us, that we truly can call Him Father!

Remember each day is a gift, a new beginning, a fresh start, knowing that as we put our trust in him that he will never leave us nor forsake us, that each day we wake, He is there!

Be blessed family and friends! I am lifting my family and you my friends each day in prayer and He knows your needs, what you are going through and though at times it may seem like a thread and I have had that feeling many times, He is still there!

Have a super weekend!


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A Path Called Hope

It is in the midst of the struggles of life, in the battles, that we learn, that we find our

1544373_10152868791885752_319293139_nstrength in Yeshua. We come to a place that we no longer look to ourselves but rather we look to Yeshua, the author and finisher of our faith.

It is when we come to an end of ourselves, to that place of saying, “Nevertheless Yeshua, your will be done, Your kingdom come. Reveal yourself in us that others might see the reality of the hope that is within.”

I share out of what has become real, that which has become part of my life, I share out of the hope that I have been given by Yeshua. To share out of that which I have and I’ am going through, not out of theory, but out of reality, out of a relationship with the Him.

To write about the hurts, the pains, the disappointments, about the defeats, and the victories, about joys, about my walk with Him during this time of my life.

The one thing I know, is that the only answer to these problems, to these things that we are going through in our lives , is to have absolute trust in Yeshua. That no matter what, even when we don’t understand what is going on, that we have to trust, to put ourselves in His hands and be utterly dependent upon Him.

We are in a world that says, do it yourself!  You are your own master, your the one and that is not true. The only time we are free, totally free, is when we are a servant. In servant-hood, in serving Yeshua, in walking in His ways, in His word, then we are set free.

It is one of those things that boggles the old nature, our minds, that in serving we become free, we have to put it all back into our Fathers hands, we are those prodigal sons and daughters that are returning home, coming back to that place, that relationship with our Heavenly Father.

To be a servant is to be like Yeshua, to follow in His ways, to come to a place, that it is no longer we that live, but Yeshua that lives in us!

The natural mind can not comprehend that, but the spirit can. We put on the full armour of Yeshua, we renew our minds each day. Each day a new beginning, a fresh start, of trusting in the Him.

As long as we have hope, then we have everything, because our Hope rests in Yeshua, knowing that His plans for us as individuals, as a people, that they are good plans and that which He has begun in us He will finish.

I see a new path, a new trail of Hope, that grows larger as we press on and press into Yeshua, into the word and into His presence.

We are real people, going through real life, living in a real world, and we serve a real and living God, who sent His Son Yeshua to bring us home and He has given us His Holy Spirit to reveal His Word and Himself to us. That we can live and walk with hope and fellowship with our Saviour, and with each other.

Till later,


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